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DVIR Process Update

FirstFleet Drivers: Thank you for doing a great job as we are implementing electronic logs and electronic DVIRs. It has been a learning process for all of us, and we appreciate all of your efforts as we work out any kinks.

Maintenance has brought one item to our attention regarding electronic DVIRs which we need to address. It is EXTREMELY important for us to correctly specify whether or not a DVIR is SAFETY related. The easiest way to answer this question is to ask yourself, “Does this defect present a safety risk if left unaddressed?”

If you answer yes to the safety related question, maintenance makes it a HIGH Priority to schedule repair/service so that we can get the equipment back to a safe working status. Incorrectly answering yes to this question can take the maintenance departments attention away from legitimate issues that need to be addressed.

Any non-safety related issues you include on the electronic DVIR will be addressed at your next PMI or service interval. Thank you in advance for redoubling your efforts to correctly submit your electronic DVIRs.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us for help.



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